A Love Letter to Jon Stewart

Dear Mr. Stewart,

Hi.  It’s me, Allie.  You have literally no idea who I am so I’m not sure why I’m bothering with introductions.  Anyway.

I won’t lie to you, when I first saw the news that you were stepping down, it was on Twitter and had been tweeted out by ArtsMic.  Given the disdain I feel for that particular news outlet, I simply assumed this was an error.  But, alas, I got a “News Alert” from a “respectable” media outlet and had to accept the truth–that you’ll be leaving us by year’s end.

Although you and the world seemed to struggle with defining what exactly it is that you do (“fake news,” “news commentary,” “political commentary,” or something in between), I’ve seen this role as secondary to a more important one.  You call America on its bullshit.

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Late Night Connection

I look up from the table, my eyes scanning the crowded floor. I’m not certain what it is that I’m looking for, but somehow instinctively trust that I’ll recognize it when I find it. Looking from face to face, group to group, I hunt for that magical connection that tells me I can trust you.

It’s not often that I find myself in this situation. Usually when I come here it’s with a big group of friends; I sit around a table with them and we talk, joke, and make just a little more noise than everyone else, enough that they probably resent us, but not enough to justify getting mad at us. But tonight I’m here alone, sitting at a table in the middle of the floor, looking at the people around me. Continue reading

Marvel 301 – Phase 3 Syllabus

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock (or in whatever part of the internet my pop-culture-isolated mom inhabits), you’ve probably heard about the announcement of Marvel Studios’s schedule for the next four and a half years. Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will comprise nine movies, including sequels for Captain America, Thor, and Guardians of the Galaxy, new franchises Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and the Inhumans, and a two-part conclusion titled Avengers: Infinity War.

That’s a lot, and if you don’t read Marvel comics, that can be look pretty daunting. About an hour after the announcement, my high school friend/Twitter rival Chancellor Agard (a lifelong DC Comics fan) asked me for a reading list so he could gain some background in this brave new world. I now present to you

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Snapshots from the Commute, Part I

This is the first post of Allie’s multi-part Snapshots from the Commute series, where she takes advantage of the fact that she is the only writer for this blog with a full-time job, and brings you funny experiences and observations from her journey to and from work.

Some nights I have class after work.  It’s an easy enough walk uphill from Farragut North to about six minutes north of Dupont, so I do it frequently–rockin’ my “wannabe Kate Spade model” vibe with my pink topcoat (approachable!) and gold snake brooch (not so approachable!)

I was already steamed as I walked across Dupont Circle, angry that I had forgone a Shack Burger (hold the lettuce) for dinner in an attempt to be healthy, choosing instead a homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Little did I know that the PB&J was within a hundred calories of the burger, and not nearly as enjoyable to eat.  I felt cheated.  Lied to. Continue reading

End of Autumn: Democratic Fundraising Emails in One Act

Ah, autumn. The time when Democratic fundraising emails turn to proclamations of doomsday disasters. I’ve gotten used to this cycle; we’ve seen it many times before. But after awhile, I realized these weren’t ordinary fundraising emails – I was being shared on a dialogue chronicling an emotional crisis in a relationship. I have taken it upon myself to reconstruct this scenario, with each line being made up exclusively of actual subject lines from Democratic fundraising emails.

End of Autumn: The Midterm Crisis

SAMANTHA: Roger, can we talk?                                                                   (DNC)

ROGER: Mondays are the worst.                                                                      (DGA)

SAMANTHA: We need to get to the bottom of this.                                    (Elizabeth Warren)

ROGER: What’s going on, Samantha?                                                           (DGA) Continue reading

Democratic Fundraising in 2014: Performance Art?

Anyone who has ever donated even a little bit to a Democratic candidate for office or a Democratic-leaning interest group has had their inboxes BOMBARDED in the past couple of months with some incredibly ridiculous emails.  Because everyone knows that it’s YOUR withholding of $5, and not the inability to put out a strong message/cyclical midterm backlash against the President’s party/fight to turn very red states blue that is making this election so damn tough for Democrats. [As you see in the About Us, we are Democrats through and through.  But who doesn’t like a good self-deprecating laugh every so often?]

I took it upon myself to sort through this library of harassment and desperation, and my analysis has revealed 11 new tactics the Democrats employed to raise money in 2014.  The primary sources don’t lie*.

*These are all 100% real emails Will and I received from various Democratic candidates and groups.  If you want a copy of one or several to check our research, please just comment here and we’ll get it to you. Continue reading

Midterm Races to Watch

If you have turned on a television or been on the Internet at all in the past 18 months, you are probably aware of a little thing called “Midterms,” or, the round of congressional and statewide elections occurring in the middle of a President’s term.  Given our Congress’s incredible inability to achieve, well, anything, the 2014 midterms have been particularly closely followed and analyzed in hopes of gleaning some clue as to whether they will usher in a time of compromise and productivity in our government.  (Spoiler alert:  they will not).

With Republicans widely expected to gain a majority in the Senate and increase their vise-grip on the House, we here at I Bought My Adulthood wanted to spare you the investment of time, emotions, and energy in researching the many races and just tell you which ones we were following and why.  As a quick PSA, I Bought My Adulthood strongly endorses the practice of voting–to quote Sally and the Suffragettes (with a little help from Will Bailey), “No matter who you vote for, make sure you vote!”  Every vote will count in this election, and you don’t want to be left out when the polls close in your city or town.

Check back with us next week as we deliver even more midterm coverage, and tune into your favorite news channel on Tuesday, November 4th, to follow the returns along with us.  (We will be live-tweeting all night at @allie_vandine, @wred42, and @ekgrau.) Until then, happy voting!

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